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Double deep racking system of Saigon food company in Dongnai

Recently, we visited double-deep racking system of Saigon Food Company, which was installed and completed in May 2018 by Viet Mechanical. The project was completed in 2 states:

State 1: 2982 pallet capacity

  • Row of racks 1: L23770xW2000xH10510mm, 4 rows
  • Row of racks 2: L23770xW4200xH2000mm, 2 rows
  • Barrier at each end of the line: 90x330x2000mm: 8 sets

State 2: 1422 pallet capacity

  • Row of rack 3: L29410xW2000xH10510mm: 1 row
  • Row of rack 4: L29410xW4200xH10510: 2 rows
  • Row of rack 5: L29410xW2000xH10510: 1 row
  • Barrier at each end of the line: 90x330x2000mm: 10 sets

Delivery time: 30 days

After more than 1 year back, customers are extremely satisfied with the double-deep racking of Viet Mechanical. Sincerely thank customers for your confidence to use our products and services. We wish our customers more and more development.

Double-deep rack are used in many different industries, including many popular in cold storage, seafood storage at low temperatures minus 25 degrees.

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