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FAQ's About Steel Pallet

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Steel pallet is one of the products that support the most effective goods storage process, Viet Mechanical's steel pallet is one of the products chosen by many businesses to use in the process of preserving and storing goods in Vietnam. With a industrial-scale to large and small warehouses from many different industries. To better understand steel Pallet products, you can refer to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about steel pallets to get the most accurate information!

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What is steel Pallet?

Steel pallet is a product with a surface design for placing of goods during storage and transportation. Goods must be securely placed on pallets with ropes or plastic wrap, to prevent them from moving when loading and unloading.

How many kinds of steel pallets are there?

Today, there are many types of steel pallets on the market that suitable with different goods such as: standard steel pallets (1 and 2 sides), stacked steel pallets, cage pallets, crate pallets, mesh pallets, galvanized pallets, Hot-dip galvanized pallets, folding pallets... We supply most of the above pallets, please contact Viet Mechanical for advice.

What is powder coated steel pallet?

Powder coated steel pallet is a type of pallet covered with a layer of powder coating to increase the adhesion of paint on the surface. From there, pallets will increase durability and more beautiful colors. The powder coating acts as a protective layer for the steel for a longer time, does not rust and effectively resists stains in storage.

What is Galvanized steel Pallet?

Galvanized steel pallet is a kind of steel pallet covered with a layer of zinc plating to increase durability against corrosion and oxidation. Effective use under all storage conditions with a lifespan of up to 15 years.

What is Hot Dip Galvanized Pallet?

Hot-dip galvanized pallet is a product of steel pallets that have been surface-treated and coated with zinc by placing them in a tank of molten zinc, the galvanized layer will adhere deeply to the surface. Hot-dip galvanized steel pallets are very durable and can withstand heavy loads, and are also capable of withstanding harsh environments, especially in wet and highly corrosive conditions.

Hot-dip galvanized

What is the use of steel pallets?

Steel pallets help store goods safely and securely, not damaged during storage and transportation, and move many goods in large quantities at the same time. Steel pallets can withstand large loads, loading and unloading goods on shelves or containers easily, less dusty.

How much of pallets?

Depending on the type of steel pallet used and the size and thickness of the steel, there will be different prices, the price ranges from $25 to $170, you can contact us for an accurate and fastest quote!

What is the capacity of the steel pallet?

Depending on your requirements and the goods to be stored, we will offer appropriate designs corresponding to the thickness of the steel. With different pallet thicknesses, there will be different loads, normally steel pallets can bear a load of 500 - 3000 kg/pallet.

Are steel pallets heavy? / How many kilogram does a pallet weigh?

Depending on the thickness of the steel and the design size, there will be varying degrees of severity. The average pallet weighs from 50 to 150 kg.

Do the steel pallets have Long lifespan?

The shelf life of pallets depends on storage conditions and operators, with normal storage temperatures and good storage can be used from 5 to 10 years.

What is the standard pallet size of Viet Mechanical Company? / Is there a custom design?

Steel pallets are often designed with many different sizes to fit the goods above, helping the goods not to falling outside during storage. We accept to manufacture pallets of any size to fit your goods.

Do I want to buy pallets with mesh cages?

Viet Mechanical provides almost all types of pallets, including mesh pallets. If you have a need to buy, please contact us to receive a quote and order as soon as possible.

Which pallet can be used to store rolled fabric?

For rolled fabric/tube fabric or items in the fashion and garment industry, you can equip steel pallets such as stacked pallets, cage pallets, crate pallets, folding stacking pallets, folding pallets. To ensure product safety, we will treat the surface and equip the pallet floor linings for the safest and most efficient storage of goods.

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How many tons of goods can a stacked pallet hold?

Stackable pallets can bear up to 3000kg/pallet. Depending on the design and size of the pallet, the load will be different. To know exactly whether the pallet load is suitable for stored goods, you can contact Viet Mechanical for advice.

Can I paint the pallet in a different color?

Normally pallets will be electrostatically painted in colors such as blue, orange, yellow,... Depending on the needs of our customers, we can paint other colors according to your require.

What if there is a problem in the process of using the product?

Our pallets have absolute durability over time and long life. All of our products have a warranty period, if you use our specifications and instructions correctly and encounter problems or damage during use, our maintenance team Repair will be provided.

Are steel pallets rust?

All pallets are surface treated and powder coated with an automated process, making the paint durable over time, anti-rust, anti-lightning, fire-safe. If you are afraid of rust, you can choose galvanized pallets, hot-dip galvanized pallets, this is the best quality pallet product with a shelf life of up to 15 years.

Can pallets be used in cold storage? Does it cause rust?

Cold storage temperature will not affect the life of steel pallets, because they are covered with a powder coating or galvanized layer, so stable storage conditions will help the life to be maintained. However, if there is a change in temperature, low humidity, and wet pallets, in the long run, the pallet will be easily damaged, rusted, and reduced in life.

Above are frequently asked questions about iron pallets and some types of pallets being used a lot on the market today. For more detailed and accurate information about pallet products in particular and storage racks (warehouse shelves) in general, please contact us for the fastest and earliest support.
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