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In the context of the economy and technology constantly developing, the expansion of domestic and foreign trade is being enhanced and creating many breakthroughs. In order to meet the increasing demand for production and storage of goods, installing storage racks is a top priority for companies, from domestic to international ones.
Foreign partners from Europe, America, Australia, Japan ... are also looking for suppliers, processing sources of storage racks from developing countries in Asia. Among these countries, Japan, China and Vietnam are preferred choices for foreign partners to import storage rack systems or manufacture storage rack products at low cost with high quality.

Viet Mechanical manufactures and installs racks with international quality standards for export.

Viet Mechanical - The supplier provide for racking system for warehouse in Vietnam

Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd is known as the supplier provide for racking system for warehouse in Vietnam. With its production capacity and 15 years of experience in constructing storage racks domestically, Viet Mechanical has been promoting exports, bringing Vietnamese storage racks closer to countries around the world.
Since 2015, Viet Mechanical has started to sign processing and export contracts to bring Vietnamese brands to conquer international markets such as the US, Switzerland, Australia, Denmark, China, India, Pakistan, Mauritius and Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia,...

Viet Mechanical exports storage rackingViet Mechanical exports storage racksViet Mechanical exports storage rackingViet Mechanical exports storage racks

Some export projects from Viet Mechanical factory.

The documents we provide when exporting the storage racks

To export storage racks to foreign partners, relevant documents are usually required to facilitate and expedite the import-export process. Depending on the requirements of each partner and the regulations of each country, as well as the specific regulations of Viet Mechanical, we will provide the following types of documents:

  • Certificate of Origin.
  • Certificate of Quality.
  • Certificate of Analysis.
  • Packing list.
  • Customs Declaration.

And other related documents for import and exporting goods such as: Commercial contract, Packing list, Commercial invoice, Certificate, Bill of lading, etc.

Viet Mechanical closes the racks for export goodsViet Mechanical closes the racks for export goodsViet Mechanical closes the racks for export goods

Some Viet Mechanical product are exported to international market

Capacity for manufacturing, supplier and exporting storage racks at Viet Mechanical

With the goal of bringing the brand of Vietnamese storage racks to the international market, Viet Mechanical has applied international manufacturing standards to ensure that the products meet superior quality standards.

Manufacturing capacity for storage racks

Viet Mechanical has welcomed many delegations to visit the factory from many different countries such as the US, Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. Through the factory tour process, partners can evaluate the manufacturing capacity, supply capability, as well as modern machinery and equipment, automatic production processes, and packaging systems at Viet Mechanical.

Viet Mechanical Factory exports storage racks

Factory manufacturing storage racks of Viet Mechanical.

See more about Viet Mechanical enterprises:

Scale production

Factory system of Viet Mechanical with a total area of 11,000 m2 with a full range of advanced machinery systems: Central CNC stamping system, CNC bending machine system, automatic welding machine system and two automatic electrostatic painting lines...

Viet Mechanical Factory exports storage racks

Some production lines in Viet Mechanical factory.

Production standards for storage racks of Viet Mechanical

To meet the export criteria for storage racks, depending on each customer or the regulations of the country, there will be specific requirements for production standards. However, among them, there are some common standards that Viet Mechanical has achieved to meet the demand for exporting storage rack manufacturing for the international market, such as:
Material Standard JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) : This is one of the leading quality production standards in Japan and is a production standard for the industrial sector in many countries.
Design Standard FEM 10.02.07 (Federation Europene de la manutention): This is a set of design and safety standards in Europe and provides design rules that incorporate specific characteristics.
ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) paint standard: This is the American paint standard, and the paint materials used by Viet Mechanical meet the highest quality standards for application in the automatic painting line, including some main types such as powder coating, galvanized coating, hot-dip galvanized coating.
Quality standard ISO 9001:2015: ensure the highest product quality when leaving the factory.
• Input material: SS400 steel, Ensure full certificate of input quality materials.
Packing: Exported products are pre-packaged with quality export materials such as Corrugated paper, carton box, plastic film, steel tie and air bag... packed into blocks, and transported in containers. The goods inside the container are fixed with straps and shock-absorbing devices to avoid damage during transportation.

Some quality production standards in the storage racks of Viet Mechanical

Some quality production standards in the storage racks of Viet Mechanical

Competence of the staff of Viet Mechanical

The engineering design department at Viet Mechanical Company, with professional qualifications and practical experience in many projects, combined with the Research and Development department, helps to gain deep understanding of products as well as research new technology applications, bringing optimal, modern and breakthrough designs. The practical achievement is the successful application of the 4.0 technology automated racking system for the domestic market in 2019 by Viet Mechanical Company. From there, the semi-automatic and automatic racks have been widely used and applied in many warehouse systems installed by Viet Mechanical Company for domestic businesses.

Vietnamese Mechanical export quality shelves

The engineer department always checks and monitors the quality regularly.

The production department at the factory complies with occupational safety standards and production processes, inspecting KCS at each stage to ensure that the output products meet international standards.

Viet Mechanical export storage racks

Part of the production lines of Viet Mechanical.

The logistics and customer service department always follow up with customers to ensure that the works are accepted on schedule, takes feedback, and evaluations from customers to continuously improve and develop from products to customer services.

Viet Mechanical export storage racks

Viet Mechanical staff always want to bring satisfaction to customers.

Every employee of Viet Mechanical is always a member of the big family and we always focus on safety, professional knowledge, expertise, working spirit of each member to make the Positive working environment.

For us, the company's success is closely tied to customer satisfaction. Coming to Viet Mechanical, you always feel the sincerity, reliability and your benefits are guaranteed.

FAQ's - VMC Vietnam Racking For Warehouse Export

For more detailed information about products we supply in the international market, please contact Viet Mechanical immediately for free consultation and answer all questions quickly and promptly.



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