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In logistic industry, one of the biggest challenges is how to store perishable goods like seafood, vegetables, or medicines for long period of time but still maintain its quality? Cold storage allows us to control the temperature and moisture which are necessary to maintain the product quality and ensure it is safe to consume.

cold storage pallet racking

Below, we’ll analyze 3 criteria which are effective for cold storage warehouses.


All you need to know about Cold Storage Rack

Cold Storage is important to preserve products. Cold Storage Racks are most used to store seafood, agricultural products, and food processing industries. Cold Storage Racks are the foundation structure of the Cold Warehouse, they will determine how efficient the warehouse is and how can the warehouse be used. A good Cold Storage Rack solution is the one giving warehouse the most efficient, lowest cost to maintain and operate.

So, how can you decide which is the best Cold Storage Rack for your warehouse? Below are the 3 most important criteria that we have considered over years. Let’s find out what it is and how it can help you save a lot of costs!


Warehouse area, electricity costs, and efficient operation: are important factors when installing cold storage racks.

cold room storage racks

Saving warehouse area

The cost of investing in this system is expensive so when designing cold storage, you should look for the most optimal solution - the design which has the best storage coefficient.

It means: With the same warehouse area, the most optimal design is the one giving maximum warehouse space to provide a high storage capacity and streamline access to the pallet.

cold storage racking system

Electricity costs

When the number of pallets in the warehouse reaches the optimal level, the electricity cost per pallet unit is minimized to the minimum, which will bring economic efficiency to the business, minimizing electricity costs is minimizing monthly operating costs, a large and quite expensive expense when operating a cold storage system.

cold storage racking system

The warehouse area determines the monthly electricity cost, which is the biggest cost when operating a cold storage system installation today. Therefore, optimizing the storage capacity at the highest level will help save electricity costs at the lowest level.

Efficient operation: fast input-output and safety

For an efficient cold storage rack operation system, export-Import and safety are the elements that need to be considered.

Depending on the type of goods in cold storage, the temperature in the warehouse will be different, ranging from - 2 degrees Celsius to -30 degrees Celsius, and this is a limitation when operating. Because employees in cold storage must be equipped with suitable clothing, moving work and working time in cold storage are also limited by the temperature in the warehouse.


cold storage racking systemcold storage racking systemcold storage racking system
Therefore, the cold storage rack system is designed in accordance with the type of goods and the means used in cold storage such as ladder trucks, hand pallet trucks, or automatic forklifts... are well combined, helping to speed up the process. The fast entry-level output also brings good productivity to employees.

For cold blocks below 1000 blocks, it can use ladder trucks, and hand pallet trucks. For cold storage from 1000 to 5000 blocks, it is recommended to use the medium-load rack system used for cold storage in combination with electric forklifts. Especially with cold storage with a capacity of over 5000 blocks, investing in a semi-automatic racking system, radio shuttle for cold storage, or ASRS automatic racking system will bring the highest efficiency

Most common cold store racking

Heavy-duty racking is a series of high-capacity warehouse racks that are applied for pallet storage as well as storage in conditions of huge quantities of goods in a warehouse. Each type serves specific logistics needs such as Selective Rack, Double-deep racks, Drive-in racks and Radio Shuttle Rack.

Selective Racking Systems

Selective Racking Systems is the most common of all storage systems for palletized goods. It is compatible with all material-handling equipment. Composed of individual frames and beams in a variety of sizes and secured with locking pins, pallet racking can be easily configured to suit your needs, whether it be pallet size or forklift type.

Selective pallet racking is the most common of all storage systems for palletized goods. It is compatible with all types of handling equipment. It is efficient and 100% selective. It is simple and good for first - in first-out applications. Selective pallet racks adapted to cold or freezing environmental conditions are currently one of the most demanded storage solutions, mainly by food and biochemical companies.

Double-deep Racking Systems

Double-deep Racking Systems are the greatest solution for cold storage systems palletized. Double - Deep racks adapted to cold or freezing environmental conditions are currently one of the most demanded storage solutions, mainly by food and biochemical companies.

double deep racking

Drive-in Racking Systems

The number of aisles is minimized, so the storage density of this system increases very high, and can use from 70% - 80% of the warehouse area. The forklift moves directly into the rack to load and unload goods.

But the largest disadvantage of this system is its poor access to goods. Therefore, Drive-In racks is only suitable for storing homogeneous products. In addition, because the forklift must move into the rack, drivers are required to have control experience to limit collisions in the racking system for cold storage.

drive in rackingdrive in cold storagedrive in cold storage rackdrive in cold storage racking system

Radio Shuttle Racking Systems

Radio Shuttle racking system is a specially made racking system for radio shuttle which is based on the structure of a drive-in rack, designed to optimize the capacity by taking advantage of minimum distances. The system consists of consecutive rows of racks, with no excess space.

Kệ Chứa Hàng Radio Shuttle | Radio Shuttle Rack | Racking System

Pros and cons of radio shuttle rack:

  • Ensuring safety for workers because forklifts do not go into the shelves, reduce collisions between forklifts and shelves.
  • It is suitable for storing large quantities with high space utilization.
  • Avoiding damage to racks because forklifts do not run into shelves.
  • Ability to select goods is low.

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