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Tháng 6 14, 2019 rack heavyduty racking shelf storeage stock pallet steel pallet metal warehouse

iet Mechanical Co., LTD proceed to test and commission drive-in racking system in Hai Duong Industrial Zone, Long An.

Drive-in Racking System

Drive-in Rack has a completely new design. With 6 pallets, the size is D6900xR1490xC5600 (mm), 3 layers, 2 rail floors, capacity is 1500kg per pallet.

The capacity of a pallet is 1500kg

Drive-in Rack has a large capacity in order to contain the amount of similar product. This will help improve the storage space by narrowing the path.

Forklift run into the shelves

The main vehicle is a forklift or a reach-truck.

The forklift lift goods in position

We really appreciate customers for choosing us in the storage solutions and professional racking system. Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions, curiosities or feedback

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