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Tháng 6 26, 2019 cokhiviet cokhiviet.net double deep rack drive in rack drivein exhibition heavydutyracking heavy duty racking heavyduty heavy duty rack

5-8/12/2018, the Hardware & Handtool product Exhibition was held in Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, concurrently with the VIETNAM EXPO 2018 IN HOCHIMINH CITY.

The event is organized by VINEXAD Company, coordinating with domestic and foreign partners. VINEXAD is a member of the Asian Federation of Exhibition and Convention Associations (AFECA) with 44 years of experience in organizing specialized hardware and hand tools exhibition. This exhibition brings the attraction to connect global trade and promotes development. It also a bridge between domestic and foreign enterprises.

This year, the exhibition was organized with the largest scale with the participation of 280 businesses from over 18 countries, creating an extremely exciting atmosphere.

The hardware & hand tool product exhibition has introduced a series of modern products, focus on 4 categorize:

- All kind of tool: gardening stool, solderer, shaper, air compressor, etc.

- DIY & hardware: nipper, saw, drill, sharpener, metallic material, automatic equip, etc.

- Consolidated equipment: nail, screw, bolt, spring.

- Safety equipment, Lock, and Protective equipment.

Besides the appearance of international brands such as BOSCH, NIKAWA, SEALEY, MAKITA, ONISHI, KNIPEX, WERA, also have domestic brands such as Minh Hoa, Huu Toan, Lidovit.

Viet Mechanical Co., LTD participates in the exhibition at A1 - booth A103. Our booth introduces product about storage, meet the needs of storage goods in stock with the main products such as Medium-duty Rack, Selective Rack, Double deep rack, Drive-in rack, etc. The booth has attracted a lot of visitors, domestic and foreign businesses, received positive reviews from the organizers as well as the media.

The exhibition is not only a trade channel for promotion between Vietnam and other countries but also a place for brand and policy developing. At the same time, our company can expand our network as well as listen to feedback directly from customers.