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Steel Pallet For Storing Goods

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In the past, the preservation of goods was quite sketchy, usually packing or stacking in an area on the floor of the warehouse. Such preservation causes losses due to damaged, moldy, water-soaked goods, bitten by insects, not to mention the loading and moving of goods from one location to another is also quite costly. time, the management is also ineffective when messy goods are not sorted and classified.

The introduction of steel pallets and shelves in warehouses is a great revolution in the mechanical industry in general and the industry of heavy duty industrial racks and racks in particular. Steel pallets are designed as iron and steel bars linked together by welds to form a flat structure so that goods can be fixed on it and moved to the shelf or to another location by forklift.

selective racking

Messy goods piled up on the floor of the warehouse

pallet for fabric

Using pallets in combination with shelves to keep goods neat and tidy, easy to manage the warehouse

steel pallet

Advantages of steel pallets

Steel pallets are commonly used in cargo handling and storage operations. Pallets are preferred for use because of their high durability, long service life and high load capacity. Common cases to use pallets:

. Transporting goods with a large load.

. Store goods in warehouses, containers, outdoors.

. Businesses that manufacture or trade heavy products.

Steel pallets are often used in industrial goods, goods with large loads and are combined with other types of heavy-duty shelves (selective racks, double deep shelves, floor shelves, automatic radio shuttle shelves) to Maximize efficiency in warehouse operations.

Types of steel pallets

Steel pallets are divided into 2 main types: powder-coated pallets and hot-dip galvanized pallets.

Hot dipped galvanized pallets are more expensive than powder coated pallets. Based on some of the following criteria, you should choose a product line of powder coated pallets or hot-dip galvanized pallets

. Use environment: if the use environment is wet, many chemicals, storage temperature changes, and the environment is harsh, hot-dip galvanized pallets should be used because of the anti-corrosion properties of the galvanized layer.

. Durability and longevity: hot-dip galvanized pallets have more durability and longevity than powder-coated pallets because the zinc coating will protect the steel from corrosion and oxidation.

. Aesthetics: Powder coated pallets look better because hot-dip galvanized pallets have a rougher surface and only come in a similar gray galvanized color. Meanwhile, powder-coated pallets can be arbitrarily painted according to customer requirements.

. Cost: Powder-coated pallets have a lower cost. If you are looking for a cheap pallet product, low cost pallet, then powder coated pallet will be a good choice.

Customer groups can prioritize using hot-dip galvanized pallets: food processing warehouses, bottled drinking water warehouses, cold storage or pharmaceutical warehouses...

For powder coated pallets, the important factor is the surface treatment of steel pallets and the powder coating process.

Powder coated pallets and hot dipped galvanized pallets

The above 2 pallet products of Viet Mechanical are used in all environments from cold storage to outdoor, from normal goods warehouses to chemical warehouses. However, to prolong the life and use of pallets for a long time, hot-dip galvanized iron pallets are often preferred in chemical warehouses. Galvanized Steel Pallets are made of steel and galvanized to resist corrosion. To better understand about hot-dip galvanized pallets, please read this article about the characteristics of hot-dip galvanized steel pallets

Dimensions of pallet

Steel pallets have many different shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the business. Steel pallets can be square steel pallets, rectangular steel pallets, the rest are special steel pallets such as: stacking pallets, folding pallets, mesh pallets, crate pallets

Galvanized pallets have common sizes: length from 1m to 1m2, width from 800 to 1m1, common height is 150mm.

The size of the powder coated pallet ranges from: Length 1m to 1m1, width from 1m to 1m2, height from 140 to 150mm

Depending on the region and country, the pallet size will vary. The size of the product is also a factor that determines the size of the pallet, but the most common size of the pallet is the international standard pallet 1.2m x 1.0m or 1m2 x 0.8. Because this size is suitable for common forklifts to unload pallets of goods.

Pallet load

Average load of pallet is 2000kg/pallet

Lifespan of steel pallets

Because the structure is steel and steel, so the steel pallet has great durability, can store goods up to 1000kg or more without deforming the pallet, long service life up to 15 years.

Although the initial cost is higher than other types of pallets such as wooden pallets, plastic pallets, but in terms of long-term use and efficiency, the investment cost of steel pallets is quite reasonable and economical.

The cleaning of steel pallets is also very simple, the material does not stick, does not absorb moisture, is not scratched like wooden pallets, is not subject to termites, does not warp, deform or break and just needs to be washed with water to be clean. which can only be found in steel pallets.

A special feature of steel pallets is that they can be easily repaired and replaced when there is damage without affecting the quality of the pallet. Moreover, when there is no need to use it, it can be liquidated to recover the initial investment cost.

For combustible items such as paper, cloth, dry food, fuel, chemical materials, petrol, steel pallets are the most suitable choice. This is very important and should be kept in mind when purchasing pallets when your goods are similar items.

Outstanding features of steel pallets

To produce quality pallets, important factors need to be ensured such as:

. Pallet factory meets ISO 9001: 2015.

. The pallet load is from 2000 - 3000kg, making the pallet strong, durable and sturdy depending on the production technology as well as the design ability.

. The source of steel materials is clear: Viet Mechanical is a partner of leading steel suppliers in Vietnam such as Posco steel, Hoa Phat steel...

. Modern production lines: Viet Mechanical has a leading modern line system in Vietnam for pallet production, has processed and exported many steel pallet products to many countries around the world.

Steel pallets containing goods produced at the factory

Currently there are many steel pallet suppliers on the market, to evaluate a quality steel pallet product, depends on many factors. In which the raw material factor is the first important factor to decide, because if the supplier has a raw material supplier, the price of producing pallets at the raw material house will be competitive. material with specialized machinery system will be sure. The quality of pallet products is up to the standards, the scale of the wires The production report ensures the delivery schedule for the projects that are not timely.

The modern and automatic machinery system at Viet Mechanical ensures that the details of the pallet products are processed accurately, limiting the technical errors of the workers.

One of the important factors determining the quality of powder coated pallets is the quality of the powder coating. An automatic powder coating discharge line with large capacity, ensuring the progress of the work as well as the quality of the painted surface of the product pallet. The powder coating line needs to answer the following criteria. Ensure the thickness and durability of the paint layer: in which the paint quality factor, the source of paint powder used is also important. Automatic coating line will ensure uniform coating thickness.


. KCS product quality standards: after painting is completed, the product should be inspected. KCS ensures to meet the quality standards of the product.

automatic powder coating system

hot dipped galvanized steel pallethot dipped galvanized steel pallet

Viet Mechanical Steel Pallets are manufactured directly from the factory through strict processing stages, then the steel pallet surface will be covered with powder coating or hot-dip galvanized to increase aesthetics, anti-oxidation, and increase age. service life for iron pallets.

Steel pallets are used in almost all fields of industry, all types of goods because of the ability to change the structure to bring maximum efficiency, take a look at a few pictures below to see the different types. of steel pallets!

Detachable stackable iron pallethot dipped galvanized steel palletPowder coated iron palletsteel pallet for duct tape

Stacking pallets - Galvanized pallets - Powder coated pallets - Pallets for tape roll

Applications of steel pallets in warehouses

Steel pallets are often combined with storage shelves to optimize goods storage efficiency. Therefore, depending on the type of iron pallet, the shelf will be designed according to the pallet size, the load of goods on each pallet.

steel pallet in racking

Steel pallets combined with Drive in racking systems form a safe and efficient storage system

Steel pallets are often used in combination with heavy-duty shelves such as: drive in racks, selective racks, double deep racks, floor racks, radio shuttle racks. For some types of stacked steel pallets, they can be stacked without combining with racks, minimizing costs for businesses.

stacking pallet

Stacked steel pallets when not in use can be nested neatly, not taking up space

Why choose Vietnamese Mechanical?

Experience: Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd has 15 years of experience in the field of manufacturing shelving and providing storage solutions for Industrial and Civil warehouses, including steel pallets. This experience enables the company to produce high quality products and meet the strict requirements of customers.

Suppier Of Warehouse Storage Raks In Vietnam

Team of experienced technicians: The company has a team of technicians who are experienced and highly trained in the field of mechanics, which helps pallet production be carried out professionally and efficiently. The inspection of product KCS in each stage of production ensures quality conditions for steel pallets.

Modern production equipment and technology: Viet Mechanical owns modern production equipment and technology, which helps the pallet manufacturing process to be carried out quickly and accurately, with the right design parameters. design, thereby ensuring the uniformity and quality of the product.

Competitive pricing policy: Viet Mechanical is committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices and at the factory.

Customer service: Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd always takes care of customers with dedication and responds to customer requirements quickly and professionally. When choosing this company to manufacture pallets, customers will receive support and advice from the company's staff.



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