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Cantilever Racking | The benefits of Cantilever racking

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Cantilever racking is a specially designed storage racking system that is the best choice for businesses to use to store long and bulky goods. The use of cantilever racking system bringing many outstanding functions such as: time and space saving, outstanding load, Flexibility in installation,….

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  • Cantilever racking is a specially designed storage racking system that is the best choice for businesses to use to store long and bulky goods. So what are the benefits of using a Cantilever racking system to help your business? Follow the article below to know more useful information.

    Cantilever Racking - What is Cantilever Racking?

    The concept of "cantilever" was born in 1667. One of the first applications to life technology was the construction of the Forth Bridge (Scotland) in 1890. Since then, people began to use "Cantilever" more in life, especially in the form of goods storage.

    The cantilever racking system is a special line of storage racking, designed to be suitable for large lengths and oversized goods such as: Plastic pipes, Iron bars, wooden bars, construction steel,...

    Cantilever are suitable for storage spaces from homes to industrial warehouses. Use to store goods with light, medium to heavy loads.

    Kệ chứa hàng Cantilever

    Cantilever racking

    Benefits of using Cantilever rack

    Space saving:

    Compared to leaving goods scattered on the warehouse floor, which takes up a lot of space and is difficult to load and unload, using a Cantilever racking will help your goods be neatly stored in a scientific way, saving many space for your warehouse.

    Flexibility in installation:

    With the ability to easily disassemble, the installation can flexibly adjust the number of support arms, the height distance to fit different types of goods.

    Satisfy your storage needs:

    Storing goods on cantilever rack will increase the density of goods, neatly arranged goods help to choose the correct type of goods to be imported and exported, help operate more efficiently and quickly.

    Outstanding load:

    Exceptional storage capacity with loads up to 5000kg - 6000kg/floor. This type of rack is produced depending on the needs of the customer and the type of goods to be stored.

    High Quality storage racking:

    With high-quality steel material, Cantilever rack has outstanding quality and has the strength to withstand deformations due to impact. With flexible adaptability to all types of warehouses and stored goods. Cantilever racking is always a safety measure for both stored goods and operators.

    kệ chứa hàng tay đỡ

    Benefits of using Cantilever rack

    Technical components of the Cantilever racking system

    Basically, the Cantilever racking has two main parts: Uprights and support arms. And other components such as: base plate, arm stop, cross bracing, bracing set, base pat, foot pads, switch mill...


    Uprights are made of profiled steel with modern machines, the thickness of the column depends on the desired load of the customer. Uprights can be made from one to two columns to match the load capacity of the goods.

    There are holes on each uprights for mounting brackets with hooks or bolts for height adjustment. The distance between the pillars is 2 to 7.5m or other sizes based on customer's requirements.

    Support arms:

    As one of the main parts of the racking system, it is manufactured from profiled steel with different sizes. The supporting arms are attached to uprights using a pat or bolt.

    The Support arms are designed depending on the type of cargo, cargo load, loading and unloading method and the unique needs of the customer.

    The support arms are placed at a certain inclination and the top of the support arm is equipped with a latch to prevent the goods from falling during storage. On the support arm can be marked for easy management by the operator.

    chú thích kệ tay đỡ Cantilever

    Chú thích các bộ phận chính trong hệ thống kệ tay đỡ

    Other ingredients:

    Base plate: This is the part that is in direct connect with the floor of the warehouse and the base is fixed by foot pads, helping the system to be firm and fixed.

    Bracing set: The part that connects all the uprights together, forming a solid and stable block for the racking system.

    Signage: This is a sign to list the technical characteristics of the racking system. They are placed in visible areas.

    Classification of cantilever racking system

    Sorting cantilever racking by load

    Light-duty cantilever racking of Viet Mechanical are used to store goods of large size but negligible load, suitable for manual loading and unloading.

    Medium and heavy duty cantilever racking: Equipped to handle goods from 1000kg/floor and loads up to 5000kg/floor. The racking system is picked up by specialized forklifts, controlled by modern operating equipment.

    Sort by storage location

    Inside the warehouse:

    Use pre-built warehouse space to install storage racks, this is the most common form. This installation is carried out quickly in a short time.

    kệ cantilever racking trong kho

    Cantilever racking system in warehouse

    Outdoor construction:

    Installing the racking system in the outdoor area, this form will need components to protect the racking system from adverse environmental, weather, ... to protect the rack and products storage.

    kệ chứa hàng tay đỡ ngoài trời

    Cantilever racking system outdoor

    Building the racking house:

    This is a form of installation based on the original ideas to make the most of the surface area and height, used as a shelf to store specialized support. The construction will need to calculate the building load, external impacts such as environment, weather, ... and the load of stored goods. However, this has the advantage of being easier to install, flexible and specialized.

    nhà kệ chứa hàng tay đỡ

    Cantilever racking house system

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    The quality of Cantilever racking system of Viet Mechanical

    Product quality is the top priority of Viet Mechanical. Therefore, we have equipped many modern machinery systems that allow us to produce products that meet high requirements in terms of precision, sophistication and beauty. Since then, creating racking products in general and Cantilever racking in particular with international quality standards, meeting all the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

    Product quality is always what Viet Mechanical is aiming for, we have applied ISO 9001: 2015 standard on quality management for the purpose of improving our ability to provide products and services. The line of racking shelves of Viet Mechanical is the choice of domestic warehouse shelves and foreign outsourcing projects with international technical standards. Products of Viet Mechanical will make you satisfied.

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