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Manufacturing steel pallets for garment and textile industry

Vendor: Viet Mechanical
Type: Steel Pallet

What kind of pallets are often used in garment warehouses? What are the features and advantages of these pallets? Let's learn about steel pallets for the garment and textile industry with Viet Mechanical through the article below!

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With the rapid development of all trade, especially on the production rate, the demand on finding a better stocking solution is becoming more and more concern for any company. Along with Racking system, Pallet itself can be a used to store merchandise. There is a variety of materials that pallet can be made from: wood, plastic, steel… Compare to others pallet, Steel pallet is the most durable and cost-effective.

Benefit of using steel pallets

powder_coating_steel_palletGalvanizing steel palletStackable palletPallet plasticpapper pallet

Type of pallet.

Steel pallet is widely chosen for several special criteria

  • Durable: Can support the weight up to 1500kg per pallet.
  • Lasting: The life span of steel pallet is usually beyond 15 years while wooden and plastic can only last for 3 or 4 months at the longest.
  • Sustainable: Can be used freely in flammable or humid condition where others kind of pallet can not thanks to its materials characteristic. Steel pallet is made from Inox or steel with powder-coating layers so it can avoid rusting, mildew and catching fire. Furthermore, It is easier to clean up than others.

Depending on the needs of use, Steel pallet can be designed and manufactured with different: Weight, dimensions, colors and materials. An important feature in the production of steel pallets is the welds. This is a process that needs to be processed meticulously, using modern machines….

Manufacturing of Viet Mechanical

Automatic welding at Viet Long An Mechanical factory - Duc Hoa Industrial Park, Long An

Going through a lots of process from welding and coating to testing system, bringing you the best quality with the most reasonable price is our top policy. Using only Steel with high standard and automatic coating system, ours Steel pallet is suitable for any purpose and condition. Moreover, it can be dismantle to save space when not needed.

Steel pallets for garment and textile industry

Before the development of the manufacturing industry, the demand for goods storage is increasing, steel pallets are also present in most industries, especially in the garment industry to develop the country's fashion, steel pallets are being searched and used quite a lot. The percentage of garment businesses choosing steel pallets to preserve goods is 100%. So what is the reason?

  • When the textile product is finished, to ensure the quality of textile fibers, wooden pallets cannot be used to avoid damaging the fabric fibers, wooden or plastic pallets are often easy to stain and difficult to clean. That is why today textile enterprises choose steel pallets to use in their product storage

fabric palletsfabric palletsfabric palletsfabric pallets

Steel pallets used in the textile industry

The outstanding features of the steel pallet containing the fabric of Viet Mechanical

  • High load capacity from 1000kg or more
  • Lifespan up to more than 15 years
  • Store goods more neatly, ensure hygiene and environment for the warehouse
  • Standard steel material, anti-rust, high-grade powder coating
  • Prevent moisture, mold, avoid harmful agents from the environment
  • Does not absorb moisture like wooden pallets, or get scratched and dirty like plastic pallets
  • Does not affect the quality of the goods.
  • Reasonable price, environmentally friendly, limiting risks such as fire, explosion, mold, ...
  • Import and export goods easily, suitable for any space
  • Can be folded, nested when not in use, effectively saving space

Galvanizing steel pallet

Pallets can be stacked when not in use

Where to buy high quality steel pallets?

The most important feature in the production of steel pallets is the welds. This is a process that requires meticulous machining, and production engineers need to have experience and use modern machinery to support high quality products.

Finding a suitable ways to store and preserve goods is vital for any company. Contact us, Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd, with 15 year experience in providing warehouse solution and manufacturing Steel pallet and Racking systems, you will find satisfaction in our solutions and our products.

Why should you choose Vietnamese Mechanical to produce steel pallets?

Experience: Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd has 15 years of experience in the field of manufacturing shelving and providing storage solutions for Industrial and Civil warehouses, including steel pallets. This experience enables the company to produce high quality products and meet the strict requirements of customers.

Suppier Of Warehouse Storage Raks In Vietnam

Team of experienced technicians: The company has a team of technicians who are experienced and highly trained in the field of mechanics, which helps pallet production be carried out professionally and efficiently. The inspection of product KCS in each stage of production ensures quality conditions for steel pallets.

Modern production equipment and technology: Viet Mechanical owns modern production equipment and technology, which helps the pallet manufacturing process to be carried out quickly and accurately, with the right design parameters. design, thereby ensuring the uniformity and quality of the product.

Competitive pricing policy: Viet Mechanical is committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices and at the factory.

Customer service: Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd always takes care of customers with dedication and responds to customer requirements quickly and professionally. When choosing this company to manufacture pallets, customers will receive support and advice from the company's staff.

Typical projects

Stacking pallets for fabric rolls

This is one of the popular pallet lines often used in fabric warehouses, so that the rolls of fabric are neatly in each pallet cage, if these rolls are left on flat pallets, they will usually fall when the forklift moves. on shelves or when importing and exporting goods.fabric palletsfabric pallets

fabric pallets



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