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Stacking Steel Pallet

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Type: Steel Pallet
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Steel pallet is made from rolled steel and powder coating provides certain height, endurance, specialized for containing goods, having many advantages compared to other pallets. Iron pallet stacked with powder coating: anti-oxidant, corrosion from the environment and the temperature around the warehouse. Besides, powder coating also brings high aesthetics, helping the environment in warehouses are more friendly, neat.

Definition of stacking steel pallets

Stacking pallet is another form of steel pallet, this pallet has a fairly solid structure and is stacked from 2-3 floors for the purpose of Save on investment costs on warehouse shelves. In addition, when this type of pallet is not needed, children can be stacked into a neat block, saving warehouse space.

This is a type of pallet used a lot in warehouses to store fabrics, for tires or for canned goods. With many features, flexibility and movable, this type of pallet is often widely used in industrial warehouses or used in combination in logistics, transportation,...

stacking steel pallet


The structure of the stacking pallet consists of 2 main parts, the bottom and the 2 side frames, in which:

  • The bottom part: The pallet is made of box steel, linked together by welding to form a flat bearing surface, this is the main bearing part of the pallet. The bottom surface will be reinforced with details to help the pallet stack or fold
  • Side frame: the hip frame will be linked to the machine to create stability and help pallets stack more safely.

Pallet size

  • D1000 x R1000 x C1500 (mm)
  • D1100 x R1000 x C1500 (mm)
  • D1200 x R1100 x C1500 (mm)
  • D1200 x R1200 x C1500 (mm)
  • D1300 x R1400 x C1500 (mm)
  • D1500 x R1500 x C1700 (mm)

Above are the basic sizes of stacked iron pallets, which can be customized in size, style and color according to the individual needs of each customer.

Steel palletsSteel pallets stacked to fabricstack steel pallet

Stacking pallets

Foldable pallet cage
Folding pallet

stacking pallet 
disassembleFoldable pallet cagestacking pallet

Removable stackable Steel pallet


  • Rolled steel material
  • The whole is powder coated, good anti-rust
  • Ensure use in harsh conditions such as cold storage.

Advantages of pallet stacking

High density storage:
• Can be classified into several floors, depending on the height of the warehouse, increasing the ability to store goods.
• Load capacity 500-2000kg / pallet
Saving area, investment cost:
• Stowed or nested when not needed
• Can overlap from 3-4 frames so it is very economical area
• Can be nestled into piles of 8 pieces, saving space effectively
High flexibility:
• Convenient to import and export goods
• Suitable for all warehouse space
• Quickly dismantle, adjust and move easily

Stacking steel pallets have a fairly solid structure, capable of stacking or napping. You can stack these pallets by nesting them on top of each other when there is no need to use. For using, just arrange them into a linked block like storage shelves, depending on the height and area of the warehouse that you can stack high or low, more or less or used in combination in logistics, transport. , ...

stacking pallet

Stacking steel pallets easily lift, move to different locations in the warehouse, with a reasonable purchase cost.

Why choose Vietnamese Mechanical?

Experience: Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd has 15 years of experience in the field of manufacturing shelving and providing storage solutions for Industrial and Civil warehouses, including steel pallets. This experience enables the company to produce high quality products and meet the strict requirements of customers.

Suppier Of Warehouse Storage Raks In Vietnam

Team of experienced technicians: The company has a team of technicians who are experienced and highly trained in the field of mechanics, which helps pallet production be carried out professionally and efficiently. The inspection of product KCS in each stage of production ensures quality conditions for steel pallets.

Modern production equipment and technology: Viet Mechanical owns modern production equipment and technology, which helps the pallet manufacturing process to be carried out quickly and accurately, with the right design parameters. design, thereby ensuring the uniformity and quality of the product.

Competitive pricing policy: Viet Mechanical is committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices and at the factory.

Customer service: Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd always takes care of customers with dedication and responds to customer requirements quickly and professionally. When choosing this company to manufacture pallets, customers will receive support and advice from the company's staff.



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