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Auto Racks In Vietnam

Vendor: Viet Mechanical
Type: Auto Rack
Support hotline: 1800 28 22 88

In the 21st century, technical industry has made remarkable progress, in which, many researches and applications of automatic and semi-automatic techniques have been launched. From AI machines to a range of machines that use robots to minimize errors and optimize production lines.

With the desire to pioneer in the field of auto racks - radio shuttle racking system, Viet Mechanical has cooperated with multinational automatic shelf partners from around the world, to research, find out and transfer technologies which can be suitable to Asian markets. Our company want to apply automatic shelving systems to the Vietnamese market.

Vietnam is one of the developing markets in Asia. Many factories and warehouses from all over the world are presented in Vietnam. In domestic market, there is always demand to optimize the racking system for warehouses. Storage optimization is one of the top priorities for manufacturing companies.

Auto racking system has outstanding advantages such as:
• Storing goods in bulk
• Maximize the warehouse area
• Shuttle robot automatically lift the goods in or out with the right position by remote control
• Reduce the damage caused by collision between forklift and shelf because forklift does not come into direct the shelf, it will run into the shelf.

With young engineer team and spirit of researching, in 2018, Viet Mechanical has continuously tested and run the auto shelf system for the Vietnamese market. As a result, the company has achieved success in the initial application of automatic racking systems in factories. Then in 2019, we gained successfully operating, received positive feedback from customers.

One of the challenges when applying auto racking system for Vietnam market is the initial budget, it costs more to operate at the beginning than the other racking system. The effect is so great:
• Saving loading time
• Easy to use and maintain
• Can be used in cold storage
The first automatic shelf system was applied for the manufacturing company in Ben Tre with the automatic pallet racking system that was operated and tested in Vietnam marked the first development step. Automatic racking system gained more successful than expected.

Following those successes, Viet Mechanical continues to install automatic racking systems for the next companies, helping warehouses achieve the goal of optimizing the storage racking system.

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