Giỏ hàng

Steel pallet is a flat structure to store goods on top, using steel pallets will help preserve goods better, easy to transport quickly, save maximum costs and sustainability. The pallets are manufactured from Viet Mechanical with the highest quality standard production process, the pallets have high durability, good bearing capacity, less damage, which is an indispensable choice when installing the storage racking system from businesses.

1. Powder coated iron pallets:

A popular line of iron pallets suitable for all industries, with diverse designs in size, load, and color. Iron pallets are coated with electrostatic paint for high durability, ease of use and resistance to corrosion and rust.

2. Wire Mesh Pallets:

Featuring a simple structure, the iron bars are tightly welded to form a sturdy frame. With a design of drop-down gates on all four sides, these pallets allow easy access for retrieving goods and compact folding when not in use.

3. Galvanized iron pallets:

Iron pallets are coated with a layer of zinc to enhance durability and maximum corrosion resistance. This type of pallet is popular because of its extremely high durability, excellent corrosion resistance and suitability for all storage conditions.

4. Cage Pallets:

A type of iron pallet with high side walls to create square frames for containing goods inside, effectively securing the cargo. This pallet type is used for storing difficult-to-stack items such as fabric rolls, plastic pipes, timber, etc.

5. Stackable Pallets:

These are a form of iron pallets serving as racking layers for goods, with a robust structure that allows stacking from 2 to 4 layers to save warehouse shelving costs. Additionally, they can be stacked together into a compact block when not in use, saving warehouse space.

6. Folding Pallets:

A flexible type of pallet with all four sides capable of folding down, offering superior load-bearing capacity, space-saving when not in use, and easy stacking for efficient storage.