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Automatic racking system - Radio Shuttle racking system

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Radio Shuttle Rack System is an innovative, designed to improve the productivity, efficiency and safe of warehouse storerages.

Radio shuttle racking system including racking structure and robot shuttle.

The robot shuttle can be operated from long distances using a remote control, and is used to transport the pallets horizontally deep into the tunnel.

Because the forklift does not run into the racks, so the forklift collision significantly reduced.

For loading operations, the forklift will place the robot shuttle on the rails of the desired by at the home position, then place the pallet on top of the robot shuttle, the robot shuttle will take the pallet to the deepest storage position available within the tunnel.

Once the pallet is stored, the robot shuttle will then return to its home position automatically.

For picking operations, the robot shuttle will carry the nearest pallet out of the tunnel to the home position.

The pallet will be continuously transported at the exact number ordered once by the remote control

The robot can be moved to any tunnel by the forklift if required.

Radio Shuttle Rack System significantly improves warehouse space utilization.

Different from the selective rack, shuttle radio rack eliminating the need of transfer aisles, the number of forklift trucks in the operations, and also reduces the number of forklift trucks in the operations, significantly increasing the warehouse management efficiency.

The forklift driver can control multiple shuttle cars at the same time by a remote control, without having to drive into the tunnel.

This can reduce waiting time between operations as multiple robot shuttle can operate all at once.

The robot shuttle operating temperature ranges from -30ºC up to 45ºC

The shuttle rack system has been well-regarded from customers as the top solution for storage density improvement.

Radio Shuttle Rack System will improve your warehouse space utilization for higher-density storage, along with inventory management strategy, warehouse cost reduce and better work efficiency.

The shuttle rack system will turn your limited space into enormous value.

Viet Mechanical is one of the leading company in supply the racking system in Viet Nam, especially with the radio shuttle racking system. With 10 years experience , we continue to move on with the new technology in racking system by the automatic racking system in Viet Nam.

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