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Powder coating steel heavy duty pallet

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Type: Steel Pallet
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What is pallet?

Steel pallets, powder coated pallets or galvanized pallets are considered the best pallet products on the market today. Although the price is somewhat higher than wooden pallets, plastic pallets, paper pallets, but in terms of other features such as durability, load, size, powder coated iron pallets have a higher load, More durability, variety of designs in size and color, long-lasting performance and especially less damage.

Steel pallets are often used in heavy industrial areas, to help store and preserve goods clean, to prevent moisture and damage.

The use of pallets will help goods move more smoothly, if not using pallets or using pallets in the wrong way will make it difficult to store and transport, slow down the import and export process, waste time and cost fee.

steel pallet

A pallet is a typical platform which allows it to be lifted and moved by material handling equipment.

Although the import price is quite higher than the others, it would produce long-lasting benefits. All of their features such as stability, capacity, variety of color,... are better than Wood Pallets, Plastic Pallets, Paper Pallets. Powder Coating Steel Pallet has equipped the Electrostatic Spray Painting Line with the modern automatic technology, give products a variety and fastness color.

Types of Steel Pallets

Steel pallet is a common product used in warehouses, depending on the type of goods and the needs of each company, we can choose different types of iron pallets.

Steel pallets can be divided into 2 main groups: flat pallets (standard iron pallets), pallets with raised faces. The group of pallets has a variety of surrounding facades and is divided into many different types such as mesh pallets, crate pallets, stacked pallets, folding pallets, stacked pallets, stacked pallets, stacked pallets (overlapping pallets).

There are the 6 most commonly used steel pallets:

Powder coating steel pallet

This standard iron pallet is often used with heavy duty rack such as selective racks, double deep racks, drive in racks, VNA racks. Goods in the warehouse will be arranged on pallets and palletized by forklifts to enter the racks. Steel pallets help to move and arrange goods into the warehouse much simpler and faster than stacking individual goods on the racks.

Galvanizing steel pallet

With metal construction and properties, steel pallets provide durability of up to 15 years, depending on the different geographical environment. Besides, good heat resistance, good fire and explosion resistance, does not affect the environment.

Foldable pallet cage

Folding pallets are both platforms for forklifts and containers for storing goods. They have locking latches and four foldable side panels. As a result, warehouse space is saved when not in use and easily folded into bins for normal storage.

Stackable pallet

Stackable pallets: these are pallets that can be stacked, whether they are full or empty. They therefore allow for maximum storage optimization, as they can be placed one on top of the other. The delivery of stackable pallets is easy and can be express depending on the maximum dimensions.

Pallet mesh

A mesh box pallet is a means of transport consisting of a pallet and a steel frame construction. It is used for loading and storing goods. A loading aid with a wooden pallet and an attached steel-frame lattice construction is called a mesh box pallet.

Pallet stillage

A pallet stillage is similar to a pallet or skid but built with sides, these can be a wire mesh, steel cage, solid side or simply supports specifically designed for the cargo the stillage stores. A pallet stillage is commonly designed and manufactured using steel for durability and reusability.

Post pallet

A post pallet is a stackable steel stillage with a rectangular base. These items have no sides, a post at each corner, and cupped feet for easy stacking. They are used for storage and transportation, particularly for larger, bulkier items.

powder coating steel pallet_galvanizing steel palletfoldable pallet cagestackable palletpallet meshPallet stillagePost pallet

Powder Coating Steel Heavy-duty Pallet

Powder Coating Steel Heavy-duty Pallet often appear in heavy industry, help store and protect goods, prevent moisture and damage.

The pallet not only provides the base for assembling, storing, and transporting materials and products but also protect the product on it. Without using pallet or using in the wrong way, it will make it difficult for storage and transport processes which will slow down the import and export process.

Advantages of steel pallets

  • The pallet is made of rolled-steel so it is extremely hard
  • The pallet is used the Electrostatic Spray Painting Line to increase the aesthetic and stability
  • Compared to other types of pallets, Powder Coating Steel Pallet save the maintenance and repair costs because they are very durable and rarely damaged
  • Prevent fires and explosions
  • Suitable for heavy-duty warehouses

Some images steel pallet from Viet Mechanical Co.,Ltd:

stacking pallet

Powder Coating Steel Heavy-duty Pallet

Why choose Vietnamese Mechanical?

Experience: Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd has 15 years of experience in the field of manufacturing shelving and providing storage solutions for Industrial and Civil warehouses, including steel pallets. This experience enables the company to produce high quality products and meet the strict requirements of customers.

Suppier Of Warehouse Storage Raks In Vietnam

Team of experienced technicians: The company has a team of technicians who are experienced and highly trained in the field of mechanics, which helps pallet production be carried out professionally and efficiently. The inspection of product KCS in each stage of production ensures quality conditions for steel pallets.

Modern production equipment and technology: Viet Mechanical owns modern production equipment and technology, which helps the pallet manufacturing process to be carried out quickly and accurately, with the right design parameters. design, thereby ensuring the uniformity and quality of the product.

Competitive pricing policy: Viet Mechanical is committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices and at the factory.

Customer service: Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd always takes care of customers with dedication and responds to customer requirements quickly and professionally. When choosing this company to manufacture pallets, customers will receive support and advice from the company's staff.



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