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What is hot dipped galvanized steel pallet?

What is a pallet? What types of pallets are there? Which pallet is best suited for cold storage? Let's talk about different types of pallets and find out the best for your warehouse!

Pallets are no longer strange, they are usually made up of many different materials such as plastic, wood, steel, paper, ... with a flat surface, helping the goods from falling, moving in the process of moving from one position to another. Depending on the purpose and the different types of goods, we can choose the appropriate material for long-term use and bring the best effect to the warehouse.

Plastic pallets on the market also have many different types: monolithic single-sided pallets, single pallets, pallets with iron bars/non iron bars, ... are manufactured with 100% PE plastic, which gives good bearing properties, supple, high loading, quite durable, can be cleaned easily and the price is also quite expensive.

Wooden pallets are quite cheap and popular, they are made up of closely linked wooden bars forming a stable surface. Wooden pallets are often used in logistic and export activities, even today, they are also used and transformed into furniture.

Paper pallets are commonly used for export, environmentally friendly materials, easily recycled or destroyed, and the price is considered to be the highest compared to other pallets. Paper pallets are often used in arts and crafts, decoration, packaging, export ceramics, etc.

Steel pallets have a higher stiff than plastic pallets, wooden pallets and paper pallets.Their surface are treated smooth. Steel pallets are often painted with electrostatic or hot dip galvanized for superior durability, despite the high initial investment, it is durable for each using year, so negligible. Steel pallets are often used in industries with heavy loads: processing seafood, wood, food, paper, ... Steel pallets also have many different types: stacking pallets, pallets for fabric warehouses, hot dipped galvanized pallets, powder coated pallets.

So which is the best, the most suitable pallet that can be used in cold storage?

With metal construction and properties, steel pallets provide durability of up to 15 years, depending on the different geographical environment. Besides, good heat resistance, good fire and explosion resistance, does not affect the environment.

Which pallet is suitable for cold storage?

Hot dip galvanizing is a form of plating steel through zinc solution, this process forms a perfect protective layer for metals, against oxidation, corrosion from the environment, protects the surface steady. Therefore, hot dip galvanized pallets are often selected by many enterprises in cold storage, seafood storage, cool storage - food store, confectionery, ...

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