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The most reliable manufacturer and consultant steel pallet in the Vietnam market

Nowadays, in warehouse, factory and storage systems, steel pallets have become necessary products and an important role in the preservation and import and export of goods. Therefore, the demand to use steel pallets is also increasing, types are also more diverse to meet the needs of customers. Let's join with Viet Mechanical to learn more about the steel pallet materials, the application in the warehouse, the steel pallet price list which is very popular today.

Things need to consider when buying steel pallets for warehouses:

1. Material of steel pallets

Steel pallets manufactured by Viet Mechanical are steel, covered with electrostatic paint and hot dipped galvanized (galvanized). Powder coated steel pallets are often used under normal conditions, avoiding use in moist or chemical environments. Hot dipped galvanized steel pallets are more durable, galvanized surface can be used in many different environments, often used in cold storage, chemicals, outdoor environments or high humidity.

2. Steel pallet life

When using any product, the thing that customers still care about is product life. However, for steel pallet products you will not need to consider because most steel pallets have a relatively long life compared to other types of material pallets such as plastic pallets, wooden pallets, paper pallets, etc. If you use and preserve them in right way, steel pallets usually last for 10-15 years or more.

3. Application of steel pallets

Depending on the type of racks, demand for use, specifications of different goods, there will be different types of steel pallets. Stacking steel pallets, overlapping pallets, ... are designed without the need for storage racks, which saves cost effectively for businesses.

In addition, powder coated steel pallets manufactured by Viet Mechanical are often combined with heavy loading racks such as selective shelves, drive in racks, double deep racks, ... using forklifts to move goods, very convenient in the management of import and export goods.

4. Some notes when buying steel pallets

4.1. Refer to the price of steel pallets on the market

Before proceeding to order any product you should briefly understand the price of products on the market, the average price, to estimate appropriate cost.

4.2. Choose the right type of pallet suitable for warehouses and goods

It is necessary to determine the cargo load to select the appropriate type of steel pallet. Besides, needing to identify clearly goods on steel pallets. For example, if your product is a roll of fabric, if placed on a flat pallet, when placing these pallets on the overhead shelf, dropping may occur. In this case, you should look for steel pallets containing fabric for garment industry which have features to prevent falling and preserve the fabric from being scratched.

4.3. Choose a reliable steel pallet manufacturer, having own steel pallet factory

This is considered the most important step affecting the long-term use, if choosing the right manufacturer, the steel pallet product will be durable, safe. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a unit with long experience in the industry, own factory because the cost will be better than through intermediaries.

*** Please note: In fact that in the racking industry, there are some units that offer very low prices compared to the market which means that the quality of products is not guaranteed, frequent incidents, failures during the using process, affecting goods and operators in warehouses, losing maintenance and repair costs. Therefore, in order to ensure long-term use efficiency, it is necessary to consider carefully when deciding on the supplier of steel pallets, let’s choose a professional, competent, dedicated consultancy in the work stage, with maintenance procedures - routine maintenance.

5. Steel pallet projects provided by Viet Mechanical

If you have demand for steel pallets, please contact hotline: 0908 809 668 or 0937 999 005 for advice and detailed quotation of steel pallets.