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Racking System For Logistic Warehouse

What is logistic? In the growing economy, logistic industry was appeared, met the needs of producing and distributing products to consumers. Logistic is a service that provides transportation from the production place to the customer. In addition, logistics also includes activities such as packaging, warehousing, rotating goods, storage,…

Logistic is growing and essential throughout the world and Vietnam is no exception. With the huge amount of storage, the investment in racking systems needs to be carefully researched and selected the right supplier to ensure safe, fast, efficient and long-term operation. Viet Mechanical is the leader in the field of storage racks in Vietnam, with over 10 years experience, our domestic and international projects always meet the needs and satisfy of customers. In the field of logistic racking, Viet Mechanical has cooperated with famous company: DKSH, Kintetsu, Dragon, .. to give all satisfaction. Below, we will introduce some shelf lines used in logistics.

1. Selective rack
Selective racking systems are very popular and often selected by many companies because of flexibility, ability to store a variety of goods, being suitable for many industries, not just logistics. Therefore, the selective rack is suitable for logistic warehouse where many different goods are gathered.

Selective rack in logistic warehouse

Moreover, the ability to choose 100% goods and wide aisles help load and unloading goods faster, a factor determining the success and reputation of logistics enterprises.

2. Double deep rack
Double deep racking system consists of 2 selective lines facing each other, forming 4 rows of shelves, so the ability to choose goods is only about 50%, when you want to take goods inside, you need to move the outside pallet first. Therefore, the loading and unloading speed will be slower.

Double deep rack in logistic warehouse

However, double deep racks have more capacity than Selective. Therefore, if your warehouse is not large, double deep racks are the best choice to meet the needs of goods storage.

3. Drive in rack
Drive in racking systems are often used in homogeneous cargo warehouses. The advantages of this racking line are high storage density, rows of racks close to each other and deep, eliminating most driveways. elevate. Thereby saving maximum warehouse space.
Drive in racks are often combined with selective and double racks to form a professional warehouse racking system for logistic warehouses. This is a solution that gives flexibility for warehousing operations.

Above are the 3 common racks used in logistic warehouses, helping the warehouse operation effectively, optimizing the storage of goods. In addition, Viet Mechanical also offers many other racks such as: automatic racks, VNA racks, cantilever racks, mezzanine racks, steel pallets, stacking pallets, etc. Hopefully all information can you find a good solution for storage problem. However, you may have difficulty in the selection, design and racking layout that makes the most sense. Please contact us to receive useful advice from leading industry experts.