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Drive-in racking for TH Milk

Tháng 5 03, 2019

In the recent times, TH Milk and Viet Mechanical proceeded to acceptance, handover racking system for TH’s milk factory in Nghia Dan, Nghe An.
Drive-in racking system is designed, provided, constructed and installed by Viet Mechanical.

Racking system with a capacity is over 10,000 tons includes many kind of different products. Racking are designed for room-temperature storage, cool storage, cold storage.

Drive-in racking is designed to load 1000 kg/ pallet which height 4 tiers pallet, deep 18 pallets. The safety factor K = 1.2

After participate in the bidding, with the trust, TH Milk had chosen Viet Mechanical to win the bidding for project of providing racking for large-scale milk factory.

Viet Mechanical proceeded to construction this project in 90 days.

After that, TH Milk and Viet Mechanical proceed to acceptance and put into use this racking system.

Thank you for the trust of TH Milk about our products and service.

Wish TH Milk always prosperity.