To your business has implemented method of managing goods to international standards such as GSP, GMP, ISO, HACCP, BRC ... in which the management of goods is an extremely necessary. Through the research and learning experiences from advanced countries in Europe and for that we have made in recent years. Now we look forward to bring that experience to serve you for business.


Plastic roller conveyor is the perfect solution for your company, suitable for transporting goods from light, medium to heavy loads. Suitable to use in many weather conditions and working environments.

Plastic roller conveyor is suitable for moving goods with hard bottom surfaces such as boxes, cartons, ... thanks to the system of plastic rollers, these rollers will guide the goods to the right track, avoid falling out.

Some key characteristics of plastic roller conveyor lines:

  • Sturdy foot frame, easy to move, stretch or fold
  • Roller material: technical ABS plastic
  • Wheels : can be turned in multi-direction / locked
  • Supporting frame: tubular design, height adjustable.
  • Conveyor height: 450-650, 570-850, 750-1100, 950-1600 or optional
  • Conveyor material: carbon steel

The most notable advantages of plastic roller conveyor:

  • Simple structure, reasonable investment cost compared to other conveyors system.
  • Good bearing capacity, meet the needs of customers, long service life, good quality.
  • User friendly, transporting goods with high efficency and safety, saving time and effort for employees.


  • Total conveyor length: 1770 (mm)
  • Load capacity: 30kg / m2
  • Minimum turning radius: 800 (mm)
  • Number of rollers: 8 pieces / 600 (mm), 10 pieces / 800 (mm)
  • Wheel distance: 150 (mm)
  • Conveyor weight: 23/26 kg / m2
  • Conveyor frame thickness: 1.5-3 mm
  • Thickness of wheel alignment pieces: >= 2
  • Warranty: 1 year
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