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Pallet Flow Racking System

Vendor: Viet Mechanical
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In Vietnam, Pallet Flow Racking System is often used in warehouses with large quantity of goods, which must be exported and imported with the first-in-first-out rule.
The pallets are built consecutively, maximiPazing the empty space, saving the space for aisles, importing and exporting goods automatically rotated. The pallets are placed on rollers, shelves with a slope towards one side forming the movement of the pallet.
Goods will be performed at the higher point and delivered at the lower point. When a pallet of goods is removed from the shelf system, another pallet will slide to replace this position immediately, it is rotational, this is an easy way to check the amount of inventory.
Pallet speed will be controlled by a synchronous device, after reducing the speed of pallets, the goods will slide to the top of the pallet to move to speed-control system including braking and blocking, pallets hitting the brakes and pushing the block up, prevent sliding other pallets.

• High capacity for storage
• Assemble fast
• Forklift does not need to go inside the shelf, ensuring the safety of the forklift driver and the storage rack system.
• Save space for aisles, maximize area for using warehouse.
• Suitable for storing food, pharmaceutical products, frozen, cool warehouses with one pallet specifications.
Technical details:
• Load capacity: 1000-2000kg
• Increase storage area up to 60%
• The whole shelf system is powder coated.
• Besides the roller racking shelves, we also have other products such as: iron pallets stacking, double-deep shelves for containing cold storage, ...

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