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Medium duty racking system in Bank

In 29.05.2019 Viet Mechanical Co.,Ltd handed over and completed the project medium duty racking system with bank in Tan Kim Industrial

Medium duty racking system of Sacombank have two colors: blue and orange

Type 1: W1520xD800xH2700 - 5 floors - 200kg/ tier

Type 2: W1520xD400xH2700 - 5 floors - 100kg / tier

Medium duty racking system is one kind of Selective racking system and designed a wide range of products with medium weight from 300kgs to 1200kgs per level. Espercially, it's suitable for small or medium warehouse.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • Safe product protection
  • Selective rate: easily
  • Picking rate: slow

Lifting equipments: hand pallet truck or by hand

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