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Instructions to maintain robot radio shuttle

The shuttle radio system is also known for many different names such as: auto racks, pallet shuttle, radio pallet shuttle, pallet runner, radio shuttle, ... For any device through long periods of use, it also needs to be checked, cleaned and maintained periodically to increase productivity and product life.

Checking and maintaining the shuttle robot will help the robot operate safely, efficiently, and save costs if we know how to maintain it properly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Here is the process of maintenance robot shuttle, please refer to the content below

The process consists of 2 steps as follows: cleaning and checking of all Shuttle robots.

1. Hygiene and cleaning outside

Check and clean other objects and dust in the sensor eye with a soft cloth.
Wipe off the dust inside the robot case: open the lid and use a small-capacity vacuum cleaner to vacuum dust or other objects
Clean the dust outside the shuttle robot case: Use a soft cloth to wipe the outside of the robot shell

2. Checking

  • Check the appearance of the robot whether it is deformed or abnormal after a long time of operation. Next, open the cover to lubricate the bearing and the sprocket assembly.
  • Check if the wheels are loose, observe the abrasion of the wheels. If the wheel and track are too wide, we should replace it.
  • Check the elasticity of engine chain. After a long time operation, the chain may be wide, loose, need to adjust the center distance between the crawler. For moving parts, it is necessary to reduce the distance to increase friction.
  • Tighten all the screws inside the robot.
  • Ensure the rail has no obstructions, stains and gaps between joints. It must be less than 5mm.
  • Check the robot appearance again.
  • Check the battery position is correct or not.
  • The robo start button is always opposite the forklift /operator side.
  • Check the Led lights go green after pressing the start button.
  • Check the battery is higher than 48V or not.

The inspection and regular maintenance of the shuttle robot will help the robot operate safely, efficiently, and save costs if we know how to properly maintain according to the manufacturer's instructions.