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Heavy duty racking system assembled by standard

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What are heavy duty racks for warehouses?

Racking systems for warehouses, heavy duty racks, also known as storage racks, are an indispensable solution for every business warehouse to help store and preserve quality goods, optimize warehouses and costs to users.

Storage shelves are used to store goods directly above or on support objects such as iron pallets, cages, cartons,...

Warehouse shelves are widely used in warehouses in manufacturing, logistics, heavy industry, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.

The storage racking system operates quite effectively in all storage temperature conditions from normal temperature warehouses to freezer warehouses with temperatures several degrees Celsius deep.

For Viet Mechanical racks, these items are always treated with electrostatic painting or galvanizing to prevent oxidation, corrosion and rust from the environment. From there, durability can be achieved up to 15 years.

Heavy duty racking system

Features of heavy duty warehouse racks

Store large quantities of goods neatly.

Can accommodate all types of goods of all sizes.

Flexible design to suit each type of business's goods.

Increase the speed of import and export of goods.

Increase storage area for warehouses with small areas.

Ensuring better and long-lasting goods in warehouse, not damaged by environmental factors such as mold, harmful insects,...

Optimize costs and human resources for businesses.

Selective heavy duty rack

Some popular models of racks for storing heavy goods

Radio Shuttle Racking System - Automatic racks for warehouses

With the research and application of 4.0 technology in storing heavy goods for industrial warehouses. Viet Mechanical is the leading unit in providing automatic racking systems - Radio Shuttle for automatic import and export of goods using robots.

Operating principle: The robots are equipped with sensors to accurately position the pallet and the end position of the shelf row, thereby choosing the correct location of goods to be loaded and unloaded. In addition, you can also move the robot from one floor to another to load and unload goods.

Robot Shuttle rack

Advantages of Radio Shuttle Racking System:

Automatic racks for warehouses operated by robots can continuously transport up to 600 pallets/day.

Optimize 80% of warehouse area.

Increase maximum capacity, save storage space and operating time for businesses, suitable for almost all types of warehouses,....


Cargo load: 1500kg/pallet.

Robot moving speed: 70m/min.

Pallet moving speed: 35m/min.

Surface treatment: Powder coating or zinc steel.

Selective Pallet Racks

Selecitve pallet racks are the most commonly used type of heavy-duty warehouse racks among all types of racks. This line of racks is used mostly in factories and warehouses with a cargo load of 3000kg/pallet. Selective pallet racks can be designed extremely simply depending on the intended use and adapt well to the goods stored above.

This type of rack is flexible and easy to assemble and disassemble, helping to make the most of warehouse space and area, bringing high benefits to many businesses....

Seletive heavy duty racking system for warehouse


Cargo load: 5000kg/pallet.

Maximum length: 5m.

Maximum height: 12m.

Number of shelves: Optional

Surface treatment: Powder coating or zinc steel.

Selective storage racks have many types of pallets for customers to choose from such as: Selective wire mesh decking, tole panel, plank,...

Depending on the type of warehouse and stored goods, Viet Mechanical will advise customers on building the best Selective racking system for the warehouse, contact immediately:

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Double Deep Racking System

Double Deep racks have a similar design to Seletive racks but include 2 rows of shelves back-to-back to form 2 pallets for single or 4 pallets for double. This is also one of the flexible warehouse racks that is easy to disassemble and relocate when necessary.

The Double deep rack line is often used for heavy-duty goods, using specialized double forklifts to import and export goods.

Double deep racking of heavy duty goods

Advantages of using:

Increase warehouse area by 30% - 50%.

Optimize warehouse height.

Good loading and unloading ability, easy access to storage pallets.

Suitable for all storage conditions.


Cargo load: 5000 kg/pallet.

Maximum height: 15m.

Maximum length (1 set): 5m.

Number of racks: maximum 7 levels.

Surface treatment: Powder coating or zinc steel.

Drive in - Drive thru racking system

Drive in/Drive through (Drive thru) used to store heavy goods. This is the choice of most businesses today that want to store large quantities of goods.

This warehouse racking system has a consecutive design and has forklift guiding grooves to allow forklifts to penetrate deep inside.

Drive in: import and export goods from only one side, goods imported first will go first out (LIFO).

Drive thru: import and export can take place from both sides, goods can be imported and exported continuously (FIFO/ FEFO).

Drive in racks


Optimize warehouse space by 70%.

Storage pallet load capacity is up to 2500kg/pallet.

Each level of Drive in racks contains from 2 - 10 pallets.

Maximum height 12m - equivalent to 7 storeys.

Suitable for forklifts.

Surface treatment: Powder coated or galvanized steel.

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VNA racking system - Narrow aisle racks

VNA racks (Verry Narrow Aisle) or racks with narrow aisles, this is a Selective rack system that minimizes the aisle for forklifts to only 1m5 - 1m8 to increase space for installing additional rows of racks. VNA storage racking system has the ability to optimize warehouse height up to 14m. However, there needs to be a specialized forklift line for this racking system.

Kệ chứa hàng VNA rack

VNA racks Advantages of using:

Optimize warehouse space.

Increase the amount of stored goods.

Loading and unloading goods quickly and easily.

Usage time is up to 15 years.


Maximum load 5000 kg/pallet.

Maximum height 14m.

Aisle distance <2.2m.

Surface treatment: Powder coating or zinc steel.

Why choose Vietnamese Mechanical?

Experience: Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd has 15 years of experience in the field of manufacturing shelving and providing storage solutions for Industrial and Civil warehouses, including steel pallets. This experience enables the company to produce high quality products and meet the strict requirements of customers.

Suppier Of Warehouse Storage Raks In Vietnam

Team of experienced technicians: The company has a team of technicians who are experienced and highly trained in the field of mechanics, which helps pallet production be carried out professionally and efficiently. The inspection of product KCS in each stage of production ensures quality conditions for steel pallets.

Modern production equipment and technology: Viet Mechanical owns modern production equipment and technology, which helps the pallet manufacturing process to be carried out quickly and accurately, with the right design parameters. design, thereby ensuring the uniformity and quality of the product.

Competitive pricing policy: Viet Mechanical is committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices and at the factory.

Customer service: Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd always takes care of customers with dedication and responds to customer requirements quickly and professionally. When choosing this company to manufacture pallets, customers will receive support and advice from the company's staff.