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Acceptance, handover and putting into use selective racking system in Binh Duong

Tháng 10 01, 2019 viet mechanical acceptance handover racking system in vietnam racking system rack selective

In the recent times, Viet Mechanical and Testing center 1 test loading of selective racking in Binh Duong.

Racking system have two storages: processing warehouse and finished product warehouse

The total installation area is over 2000 m2

Inside, the processing warehouse including 3 sets of double rack D12.040xR2.400xC5.400 (mm) and 3 set single rack D10.940xR1.100xC5.400 (mm)

The finished product warehouse including 4 sets of double rack D38.330xR2.400xC5.400 (mm), 2 set single rack D44.000xR1.100xC5.400 (mm)

All of the selective racking systems have a capacity about 1688 pallet, 2000kg/tier. The safety factor is 2mm

Viet Mechanical thanks your company has entrusted Viet Mechanical construction this project.

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