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Acceptance, handover and putting into use selective racking system in Binh Duong

In the recent times, Viet Mechanical and Testing center 1 test loading of selective racking in Binh Duong.

Racking system have two storages: processing warehouse and finished product warehouse

The total installation area is over 2000 m2

Inside, the processing warehouse including 3 sets of double rack D12.040xR2.400xC5.400 (mm) and 3 set single rack D10.940xR1.100xC5.400 (mm)

The finished product warehouse including 4 sets of double rack D38.330xR2.400xC5.400 (mm), 2 set single rack D44.000xR1.100xC5.400 (mm)

All of the selective racking systems have a capacity about 1688 pallet, 2000kg/tier. The safety factor is 2mm

Viet Mechanical thanks your company has entrusted Viet Mechanical construction this project.

Wish your company new achievements in the future.