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Viet Mechanical maintenance of drive-in racking system at an agricultural product export company in Dong Nai

Last September, Viet Mechanical Company just conducted maintenance of a warehouse storage system for a company specializing in exporting agricultural products in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam.

Storage scale: The storage racks in the warehouse are Drive-in racks with a scale of nearly 1400 Pallets.

General image of warehouse:

Work content:

Inspection: general checking of shelf system, measuring deflection of leg frame, checking details of damaged shelves ...

Maintenance work in place: shoot the stopper, tighten shelf screws

Charging maintenance: aligning tilt racks, replacing damaged supplies

After checking, the Viet Mechanical team has recorded a number of cases of equipment failure that require other remedies and replacement as follows:

Legs dented due to collision with forklifts

Bracing bar bent, dented by collision

The protection column is damaged by collision with the forklift

After the inspection, Viet Mechanical will issue a maintenance report Analyzing data, synthesizing and proposing repair plan.After manufacturing components, Viet Mechanical will conduct calibration and replace supplies for the warehouse.


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