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What is slotted angle shelves? Application of slotted angle shelving in warehouse

  • When you are in need of improvement to upgrade the warehouse or change the business performance, you will certainly learn how to manage and preserve goods effectively, including products about store shelves.
  • Slotted angle shelving is a product similar to V steel rack but its beautiful more because there are not have small hole too much.
  • Slotted angle shelving have a 30% loading capacity higher than V steel rack

Slotted angle shelving by Viet Mechanical installation for CJ company was painted white cream powder

  • Quantity: more than 100 sets
  • 4 beam floors, load up to 250kg / floor

After installing and handing over, shelves put into practical use and received objective reviews from customers: “shelves are very strong, durable, help manage goods and materials better, ensure protection food safety ”

Viet Mechanical thanks CJ Vietnam for believing in using our services and products. Wish your company more and more achievements in the future.